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Date: 7th – 8th July 2012

Venue: Sri KL International School, Subang Jaya


  1. Suriah Selvam (Winning Team)
  2. Yuen Kin Wai (Winning Team)
  3. Davinia Kulendran (Winning Team)
  4. Melissa Lim Xieying (Winning Team)
  5. Pathvinder Sachdev
  6. Woon Wu Chyi
  7. Chuah Chongthayk
  8. Tan Hong Yee
  9. Darren Chin Eu Gin
  10. Raghunath Thevar
  11. Benjamin Mark Lee Xuan
  12. Sushil Dhev Munian

First of all, the 12 representatives of our school were split in different companies where we met many different people. The whole competition is based on a single proposal that each company has to come up with. The concept of the competition is to come up with a space settlement design proposal based on the Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP for this competition was a mining base contract in the planet Mercury for the Year 2082. There are basic requirements which are stated in the RFP which is the main guideline for the competition. The participants are required to fulfill their RFP before they wish to add anything else to their proposal. The proposal is in the form of a 35-minute PowerPoint Presentation.  First, the companies are given time to decide on their company structure. Then, the students of different departments attend their departments. After that, the RFP is released and the competition starts. The companies are given 10 hours to prepare their PowerPoint presentation from 12pm to 10pm on Saturday (7th July). The slides are not allowed to be altered after that. The presentation is then presented on Sunday, 8th of July to the judges, the organizers and the rest of the teams. The winning team was announced at 3pm. 4 of our students ended up on the winning side, Rockdonnel.  They were Suriah Selvam (Team President), Davinia Kulendran (Head of Automations Design and Services), Melissa Lim Xieying (Automations Department) and Yuen Kin Wai (Structural Design Department). The school receives RM1480 in cash prize from this competition. Where else, the students are entitled to scholarship of 100% tuition fees due to entrance applications, worth £20,000 (RM100, 000).